[ LEGIT ] ranksignals.com Legit or Scam?


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RE: ranksignals.com

If you have never used ranksignals.com then you should get it a try! It is certainly a legit webmaster tool in order to check backlinks on any given site, however, it is not very useful on new sites that have very few links, however, it works very well on websites that have quite a few backlinks as the reporting appears to be more accurate.

Are are some benefits of RankSignals.com

Competition Analysis
Link Signals & Metrics
Identify Your Bad Links
NoFollow & DoFollow Links
Find Deleted & Broken Links

ranksignals.com also have a free Google Chrome extension that you can use to check backlinks, and this way, you do not have to return to their website, however, you can go to their website if you want to check backlinks in an extensive manner, however, if you are just looking for a brief backlinks report, then just use their chrome extension.

ranksignals.com was offline at the time of this post/review.


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It's good to know that ranksignals.com also have a Google extension which one can easily make use of instead of going through the site to check for useful backlinks. I haven't had the privilege of using ranksignals.com yet because this is actually my first time of hearing it and to know that it's a legit site, all is well with that information. Even though the site - ranksignals.com is offline now, I'm certainly sure that it's going come online sooner or later and by then, I'm going to have it checked out.