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[$CASH$] Rewards: Earn DG Coins!

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What are DG Coins? ie: Digital Global℠ Coins...
DG Coins
is our reward system that members can use to earn coins for doing certain tasks.
Buyers and Sellers can also use DG Coins in order to conduct legal business in DG Forum Marketplace.

What is the value of DG Coins?
1000 DG Coins = $1.00 US currency.

How do I earn DG Coins?

  • Earn 25 DG coins per new thread.
  • Earn 15 DG coins per reply.
  • Earn 50 DG Coins for an avatar.
  • Donation/Transfers = FREE!

Max Post Limits per 24 hours.

You may create 5 posts/threads per hour, not both, however, you can create a combination of posts and threads that equal 5 posts per hour, and if you were able to stay up 24 hours, then you would be able to create 120 posts.

DG Gallery: (credits not enabled)
You may earn 20 DG Credits/Coins for embedding related videos. What is the niche? Please visit
DG Media, and you will see what topics we are looking for. Terms and conditions do apply, if you violate our terms, then your forum account may be suspended and or terminated.

  • Your content must be English using correct grammar.
  • Your video title must be unique, no copy/paste.
  • Your video description must be unique, no copy/paste.
  • Your video must be related to our niche, no irrelevant videos.

Keep in mind that other members can report your video if they feel that it violates our terms.

SportsBook: (not sure yet)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: What is the minimum cashout?
5,000 Coins x $1.00 = $5.00

2: Can I buy/purchase DG Coins?
Yes, we use these funds to help support DG.

3: When can I cash out?
Once you have earned 5000+ Coins, then may request payout between the 1st and 5th of each month.
(Please do not make payment requests before or after the dates specified)

All payments will be made via PayPal only!!!


  • Goto DG Coins Area
  • Click "Donate" tab
  • UserName: DigitalGlobal
  • Enter Amount: 1000 Coins or more.
  • Message: I want to redeem X amount of coins for cash.

Contact @DGStaff
re: I want to cash out
1: Provide number of DG Coins you want to cash out
2: Provide Paypal email

@DigitalGlobal will send payment, and confirmation email.

Always include your PayPal email in the message, otherwise, your request will be rejected.
If you submit payout requests before their time, then your request will be ignored. If you do
not include your PayPal email, and expected amount, then we will assume this is a donation to DG.

4: Can I donate DG Coins?
Yes! You can donate DG Coins, for instance, if you wish to donate
your coins to DG, then we apply this toward enhancing & improving our site.
You can also donate/transfer DG Coins to other forum members...

5: I lost my DG Coins, why?
If you violate terms, then you will lose coins, if we delete your spammy post,
then you will not get credit for those posts; DG expects a certain level of quality.....

6: Why was my account banned?
You may have violated our terms in a serious manner, for instance, posting copy/paste content will not serve any useful purpose for our forum and could result in SE penalty....In order to keep Google happy, then your content must provide value to our forum members....

7: How about forum inactivity?
You will lose your DG coins after 3 months of forum inactivity. We are not going to beg you to stay. If you want to stay on our forum, then it is because you want to be here, and provide value to our forum members that may have lesser knowledge then yourself....

8: Is there a posting limit?
Yes! (see above)

9: Do I get paid to post in all categories?
No! You will not earn DG Coins in the following areas:
Buy - Sell - Trade (all areas)
DG Support (all areas)
General categories

10: Can I earn a part-time income creating posts?
Probably not, our coin system is like giving you gratitude for creating quality content, keep in mind, most forums do not even offer their gratitude by rewarding their members; Our best advice is not to think about it as "making money" why? Because if you want to support our forum then you will be here regardless of making those same quality posts compared to other forums that reward you with nothing.....

11: Other Terms:
  • Your posts must provide value to our forum members.
  • Your posts must be 100% English, no exceptions.
  • Your posts must be correct Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentence structure.
  • Your posts must not be broken up as if you are from a 3rd world country.
  • Your posts must be 100% unique and must pass Copyscape.
  • You can also lose coins by posting in the wrong areas of the forum.
  • You will not get credit for reporting Admin/Mod posts, nice try.
  • Must have 100 posts before accessing DG Coins. (account upgrade)

12: Duplicate Accounts:
Any members found with duplicate accounts will be banned, and all DG Coins will be wiped out. If your only goal in life is to signup in order to game or cheat the system, then you will be found out, then your account will be banned.

Do not ask for:
payments via friends/family
(These type of payments do not apply...)

If you have questions concerning DG Coins, then feel free to post them in DG Coins, and if you have suggestion ideas then please post them in DG Suggestions, keep in mind, we will not add new features as this is out the credit system comes, however, if you have ideas on what DG Coins can or should be used on, then feel free to make any suggestions you may have regarding our new credit system.

DG Wallet:

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Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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