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Save Money while Spending


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We all need to spend money whether we like it or not and its a part of life to spend and not a single person can do without spending. We need to spend money on food and other expenses but there are ways by which we can save money while spending as well.

Firstly We can try to go for products which are on sale or which are available at discount and we can buy in bulk as well if they can stay fresh for a longer time.
Secondly, we can try to compare products and their prices and that can also help in choosing a better product which can save money as it can work for a longer time.
Thirdly, we can opt to pay with Credit card or even with a debit card as we can get many discounts and cash back by doing that and can earn reward points which can help us get many other deals

What are your views on it? Do share your ways to save money while spending.
Your ideas are valid,I like to go for bulk buying to save cost and get some discounts. Yes buying products that are durable and of good quality will help in the long run,we can enjoy the product for a very long time.