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Setup Freelance Marketplace (Homepage)

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If you are here, then you most likely hoping to see some type of marketplace, however, this is something no one should rush into unless you should want to see cheesy fiver clone that may burn itself out in short period of time. This type of platform is very competitive, why? well lets see, fiveer, upwork, peopleperhour, and you can find many more sites that would be similar to some type of freelance site, and these decisions should not be taken lightly or with a grain of salt, as we want to succeed, not just take in some money, then we get bored, and blow town, if this was the case, then that model would not interest one little bit. If our freelancers benefit, then we benefit as well.

a basic freelance platform would be set up on the home page,
(upgrades/updates would be carried out by community suggestions.)

Required Votes: x,xxx
(or 100,000 posts)

We have 2-3 investors, and funding is not a big issue, however, it will take a community of supporters to bring it all together, why would we want to invest in a platform if we are the only ones visiting the site? That's no fun! Want to make this a fun venture, then get involved, as we need motivation from those that are interested. What are you waiting for? Sign up today, and let's make a difference together.