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Smart Ways to End a Blog Post

Blogging requires a certain amount of strategy as you need to make sure that people like and trust your website. As a blogger, you should know that each part of your blog is important. So, how do you create an ending for your blog post?

Give them a Call to Action

The majority of the time blog readers are not going to take action unless they are asked; So give them a reason to act and don't be shy about it. No matter if it is commenting or sharing a blog post let your readers know what you want them to be doing; At the end of the day, you want your reader to take action on your site.

Reference Another Blog Post

If there is another blog post of yours that you feel your readers would benefit from, then you can use the ending of your blog post to reference that particular post; Not only will you be ending your blog smartly you will be helping to keep readers on your blog for a longer period, and you do want visitors to stay longer, right?


Provide a Glimpse into the Future

If you are looking for a great way to end your blog, you can let your readers know what they can look out for in future blogs. This will get them excited to see what information you will provide them with next so they will make sure to come back to your blog and make sure you update your blog as often as you can.

End with a Follow Up

When you ask something of a person, it will really not be successful and if you don't take the time to follow up with them, then it shows your readers that you really are interested in what they are doing. Follow up on things like questions that you have asked and call to actions that you have given to your audience.

Each part of a blog is important to make sure that you take the time to end your blog with a Call to Action.


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I think sharing a link to other related post is a good way to end the blog post. For instance you can end with "you might also like these posts." Or perhaps, a sneak peak into the new post such as "in the next post we will discuss about x.y,z" will make the readers want to come back to you blog again.