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Tips for Monetizing Your Blog

As soon as you have a good number of readers and a supply of great content to share on your blog, it is time to monetize it. Monetizing your blog can be a great way to make money with something that you are doing anyway. The following tips will help you start making money with your blog.

Sell Your Own Products

You can sell your own products on your blog, from handmade items to digital creations you can easily promote your products to your readers. Just be sure that you are able to deliver your products in a timely manner and make sure you offer nothing less than top-notch customer service to your customers as your word is your bond.

Become an Affiliate

You can become an affiliate of products that are in your niche and offer them to your readers in order to collect a commission when they purchase something through your affiliate links. This is a great way to go if you do not want to take the time to create your own products. You need to make sure to find a reputable company to become an affiliate so you know you will be offering great products; Never promote junk affiliate products, unless you are not looking to build trust with your audience.

Offer Advertising Space

Selling advertising space is another way that you can start making money with your blog. If your blog has a big enough reader base, you will be able to sell advertising space on your blog. This is a very simple way to earn money with a blog, and if you do not want to sell ad space yourself, then you can contact a reputable site such as buy and sell ads, then all you would need to do is place the code on your website, as some people do not want to deal with selling ad space, and they will outsource this to some type of ad provider, then the ad provider will get a commission when you sell an ad through the ad providers website, and how you sell ad space is a matter of personal preference and additional income/revenue for your blog or site.

These are just some things that you can do to start earning money with your blog, and you may want to do just one thing or find that a number of things to meet your money earning needs better. Whatever you happen to choose, then you need to educate yourself on the best ways to do it so you will have the best chance of earning money from your efforts.


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You missed the obvious: use network ads.
The best way to monetize your blog is by using ad networks such as adsnese,, taboola, revcontent, infolinks, chitika etc. Among these ad networks adsense is the best.


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Affiliate marketing and selling my own products seems to work for me best. I tried selling space in the past but found that many of the advertisers wouldn't pay in time and sometimes fail. I resorted to affiliate since at least I know I can sell something out of the link..


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I think you should use multiple monetization methods in order to maximize your revenue. You should try different ad networks as well as affiliate networks. You can try adsense and media dot net as these are highly regarded ad networks. You can try amazon and click banks, which are very popular affiliate networks.