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Tips to help your blogging be more productive.


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Blogging tips that will help you to be more productive

Running a successful blog demands a good deal of time and hard work. Just about anyone can put up a blog without any effort and forget about it. However, if you are serious and wish to accomplish regardless of what your blogging goals are, then you simply can't embrace that type of attitude. Given that blogs are related to getting the reader involved, you need to be on the internet on a regular basis, available to interact with your target audience.

Take a moment and give some thought to of what it takes to run a blog. Have a look at the following:

  • Writing, editing and publishing posts
  • Searching for royalty free images for your blog
  • Investing time on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • Writing guest blog posts
  • Creating and uploading videos to YouTube and your blog
  • Helping you manage your blog comments

Do you get the idea? Can you identify the recurring concept in all of the above-mentioned blogging tasks? For those who have been blogging for any amount of time fully understand that all of the above-mentioned tasks are crucial in running a blog.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and a few other leading search engines reward recurring and consistent distribution of fresh, unique content which is important to your blog's existence. You can all remember the first time you began publishing your blogs when this was not a real problem.

You were so energized about setting up your own online business. It would become a part of the virtual real estate in which you could interact with other individuals. There was no problem in performing day-to-day or weekly tasks; As a matter of fact, you really looked forward to them.

In the very first week, there was no problem creating two or three blog posts, interacting with those individuals who commented on your blog, as well as staying occupied on social media. Then over a period of time, things began to change.

Rather than having the desire to work on your blog, you began to feel stressed to manage your daily blog tasks. You should enjoy blogging about your topics and not feel stressed out or obligated to do so.

The following tips, techniques, and strategies will save you valuable time with running a blog, giving you more time that can be utilized in other areas of your daily life.

  1. Employ the service of a virtual assistant to manage minimal, repetitive tasks for you.
  2. Make use of the auto-schedule feature for submitting your posts online for a future date.
  3. Create a schedule, and stay with it. This will save you time by automating your tasks while keeping you on track.

Rather than stressing out while investing many hours in order to create a blog post, why not interview someone regarding the subject you are writing about. You'll find yourself spending a fraction of the time instead of several hours of research.

You can ask your readers to write for you and suggest that they submit real-life situations related to your blog.

This will make them feel important, it gets them involved and provides you with plenty of content for your blog.

Place a time limit on all of your blogging projects. It is just too easy to get caught up responding to comments or engaging on social media; Set a timer for each project, and move on to the next each time the timer goes off.

Try reducing your blogging activities from five days to just three days each week, as this causes you to be more productive with your blog and will also help to keep you from getting burned out. This will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy other things in your life.
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If you are serious about blogging, the first requirement is to choose a niche. You may also adopt multiple niches, however, the niche or niches you choose should be something that you know well. Once you are sure about the topic you want to blog, register a domain, the domain name should include the niche as your primary keyword. Then get a hosting, build a website and start publishing.


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I started my blog a year ago. I have contents that are one year old. Google loves old contents that are frequently updated. If want to gain more traffic, I have to update my old posts. I have published about 27 articles. However, I have more than 500 comments. I have to delete the comments that do not add value to the discussion. Strategies like these will help me gain traction.