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Top Seller Bonus!!!

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We are always trying to think up ideas on what we can offer our top sellers in the marketplace; However, if you have better ideas then we do, then please feel free to contribute your ideas in DG Suggestions, we may adopt your ideas on rewarding our top sellers for their hard work.

In order to be classified as a top seller, then the seller must earn $5,000 and be the top seller for the month.

Reward #1
Seller will receive $100 cash bonus via paypal.

Reward #2
Seller will receive 2,000 word review of their listing; We will post the sellers review on our blog, and link back to sellers listing.

Reward #3
Seller will receive limited SEO/Promotion of their listing.

If you are chosen as top seller, then the seller must send the following:

  • Seller name/account
  • 3-5 high quality images
  • 1-3 Youtube links (that relate to your listing)
  • 10 keywords

Digital Global℠ reserves the right to select multiple top sellers. The top seller bonus is only applied to the marketplace, and does not extend to crowdfunding, or domain auctions; We reserve the right to pull this bonus at anytime for any reason without cause or notice. Top seller requirements may increase over time. If the same seller wins the following month, then the seller will be paid $100 via paypal, however, seller will not receive reward #2 for the same listing, and seller will not be allowed for a replacement. get'er done....

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