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Two-Step Verification!

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We highly recommend that our members use our two-step verification process. Having this extra security enabled certainly gives our members more piece of mind simply because if your account was compromised, then the hacker would need your phone in order to complete the login process on the forum. If paypal would have such security on their platform, then we would think that this would cut back on fraud; banks and domain registers also use two step verification to protect their customers. two-step verification is for your safety....

This process takes less then 15min...
and downloading the app is the longest part...

Search google playstore:

Then go to your security page for more options:

We also offer email verification, however, this is a slower process for user to verify their accounts as you would have to wait for the email, verify the code, then login to your account; Using Authy app makes logging into your account easy, and pain free when it comes to security.

Admin and Moderators are required to have two-step verification enabled.

Once enabled, it takes mere seconds to grab your code, and login to the forum.

Here are some Authy resource links:

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Warning: Please save, and guard your backup codes. If your mobile device should no longer work, then you would not be able to complete the two step verification process, and you would need to use one of your backup codes. If you should lose your device, and your backup codes, then we will not be able to help you as this would be beyond our scope, sorry, we do not carry the keys to your safe....
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