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[ DG ] Use Growth Hack Tools For Business Growth

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Growth Hacking has become the buzzword of the 21st century, even businesses that have sustained over the years are trying their best to reach out to a lot of customers and grow in their respective domain. There are certain tools which the businesses can use when they do not have a specialized team. These tools mostly are free to use or a meager amount is charged. One has to give special attention to the details of these tools. The knowledge about the details of the tools would help them choose the right tools.

Activities Performed Using Tools
The market is flooded with lots of growth hacking software. Each has a different role to play.

These are the major roles of a software designed for growth hacking:

E-mail Marketing
Drafting the body of an email professionally and enticing at the same time is an art as tools can handle this task effectively as they are built for customization. The tools schedule and follow up, and when you have learned the process of growth hacking your email/newsletter, then we think it will pay out for you in the long run.

Website Scrapping and Analysis
No longer, the people look out for advertisements in the newspapers to obtain services. They always search on the net. The tools that scrape data from the web are capable of targeting the right customers. These tools also analyze the behavior of the customers online to track their likes and dislikes.

Social Media Management
There are a lot of companies who hire a social media manager on a full-time basis to track the progress and respond to queries of customers. Using a tool provides the guarantee of 24x7 support, and moreover, it is a one-time investment, so feel free to use some growth hacking methods to improve your social media presence.

These are some of the main verticals of growth hacks. When the newbies are not very much sure about the techniques, they can make use of these tools. These tools are driven by the motive to enhance sales and increase growth, keep in mind, when it comes to growth hacking, then knowledge is power, now is the time to learn.
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There are various ways to analyze your business performance. Some of the key areas to analyze are sales figure, products, services, marketing performance etc. You can do the analysis manually as well as automatically. Manually is sending emails to customers and asking questions related to the products, services etc. Or publishing a poll on social media. You can use a software to automate the process.


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Growth hacking basically considers reputation management and the influencer marketing. In their approach for the learning. i can tell you that business growth by influencing people is one hard work. But some people pull it out with the email and outreach methods.