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Use Of different color Balls In Cricket


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Cricket is a game which has seen many changes in recent years. Earlier cricket was played with Red Ball only. When One Day Cricket was Introduced together with colored clothing players felt it difficult to pick the ball and that's why the White ball was Introduced as it will be easy to pick even in the day-night matches.

With time and to save the legacy of Test Cricket, suggestions were to play it as a day-night affair and which becomes the reason for the adoption of Pink Ball. So till now, 3 colored balls were Introduced Red, White, Pink.

I just now read an Article that England and whales Cricket board is working on Orange colored ball which will be more effective than White or even Pink ball and they are still testing it and may start domestic matches with it in 2020.

What are your views on it? Do you feel excited to see different color balls in Cricket or fine with Red and white? Please share.