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This is the only section that you will be allowed to promote your business. This means you can advertise or promote your business here, and you may use 1-2 backlinks, and only if you provide enough content. No one on this forum wants to see crap content just so you can promote your business or link.

  • You must provide ample content.
  • You must provide quality content.
  • You must provide value to our visitors.
  • You must provide unique content.

You may create one post per website that you are promoting. You may bump your thread every 7 days, however, if your content does not fire a discussion, then you may not bump your thread just because you want to get back to the top. If you create engagement that will appeal to others, then you should be fine.

You may not post or submit competitor backlinks.

DG reserves to right to delete inappropriate content, low-quality content, or links that may not be appropriate for this forum.

If you are going to be lazy, then just don't post or reply.

All posts will be moderated.
Not open for further replies.