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[ DG ] What Are the Best Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups?

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We live in an age of startups. Startups are playing a vital role in decreasing the levels of unemployment. In order to aid the growth of these startups, proper strategies need to be framed. There is a lot of difference between growth hacking tactics and growth hacking strategy. Growth hacking strategies are designated over a longer time whereas growth hacking tactics are meant for short-term purposes.

Steps to Frame Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups
These are the steps to follow one by one; When this becomes a routine, a perfect strategy thus gets framed.

Stay Clear With Your Goals
Don’t plan too many things at one time. Have a clear mindset. Make sure to satiate yourself first. This self-satisfaction is the best boost for further improvements.

Don’t Aim For Profits At First
Try to provide a lot of offers and discounts at first to grab the attention of users. The ultimate goal in the initial stages should be to attract the audience and make them use your product and services, and you will want to Focus on what needs to be done to get people to use your product.

Develop Partnerships
When any business falls under the umbrella of partnership, the responsibility gets divided, and more than one brain is working on a single idea definitely creates a lot of progress. Investments can be increased without opting for a public share. It is always better to partner instead of opting for a sole proprietorship.

E-mail Lists
The Email marketing is thought to be the best growth enhancer. Adding a digital signature to your email increases your credibility, and never allow your mailing list cold, if you only send out your newsletter once a year, then most of your subscribers may have already moved on with their life, and this would be a missed opportunity.

Last but not the least, focus on branding; Branding is an integral part of any growth. Create awareness for your brand.

Use these steps to frame strategies and be surprised to see your business revenue paramount in a shorter span of time.
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In order to succeed in business, you need growth hacking. When you experiment with product development, sales, marketing funnel, and other things in order to identify how you can grow your business, it is growth hacking. Growth hacking strategies are never necessary to grow your business.
I am not in the line of business and I am just a common job holder, yet I take interest in the topics like this one. Thanks for the tips.


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I recently checked the instagram. And found out that it seems to be a good option to reaching new people. And doing the collab with new people can be a good strategy. Many startups are doing that. And for them it seems to be working as well.