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What Is Your Favorite Messaging App


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There are tons of Messaging Apps out there that is available for download on the AppStore and the PlayStore. Since the majority of them usually offer the same services and features, I am just wondering which is your favorite one?

As for myself, I am not a big fan of Facebook (only use it for business purposes) that is why I do not have a Facebook Messenger. The funny thing is from where I am from it is the most widely used messaging app to get in touch with family and friends. What I prefer to use is Skype, I find it easy to use and not that invasive. There is also a feature wherein you can call phone numbers to different countries as long as you have credits. If someone I know does not have an account on it, they can reach me using the old-fashioned way of SMS.

I have a privacy concern with Facebook, and I do not trust them with my private messages. They are scanning/reading my conversations, and I get ads based on things that I have talked about with people, and I really, really hate that.

How about you guys? What is your preferred messaging app? Please kindly share. I might also give it a try and find out. Thanks!

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There are so many messaging applications made available and used by millions of people for conversations purposes. Just like you mentioned Facebook already and on the picture used on the article, there were applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snap Chat etc. They are all great messaging applications and they serve effectively in the task they are build for. My favorite ones are ;

Facebook Messagner
Telegram Chat

These three messaging applications are my favorite and most used of all the applications used for messaging task.