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[ DG ] What Is Your Language?

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Digital Global understands that language can be a barrier sometimes, and some people on the forum are from other countries that may not have great English writing skills, and if forum posts have quite a bit of broken English, then this could result in low-quality content, and our goal is to bridge this gap so it does not really matter where you are located around the world, and this is why we recommend that you write your content in your own language first, then use google translation in order to translate to English, and all posted content must be posted in English, and no other language, as we do not have the resources to vet content that is not written in English, however, our intention is for everyone to communicate in an effective manner using proper Grammar/English langauge.

We will also be installing google translation on Digital Global Forum sometime next week, and if this is something you are interested in, then please check out the image below as it will be very clear on how to the google translation tool on our website so you can read our forum in your own language, so check out the image below, and if you ever need directions on "how-to" then post your questions in Ask A Question, and if you have suggestions, then post them in DG Suggestions which is in our support section. Our overall goal is the bridge the language barrier gap in order to bring all of us that much closer together, and if you have any ideas, then please share them. Google Translation may not be available on the home page, however, it should work fine on sub-categories.

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