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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

It seems like anyone can start a blog these days as there are so many options available to them. There are however many things that you need to consider before you decide to start a blog, and remember, starting a blog is easier said then done for many reasons, and if you do not start your blog, then you will never know how it could turn out.

It Takes Time

You have to keep in mind that it takes time to build a successful blog. You cannot simply start a blog and make a couple posts and become successful. You need to do a lot of research before so you can learn about all the things that you need to know to be a successful blogger. If you want to succeed with a blog or any site for that matter, then research is a must, and without proper research, then you will do nothing more then burn money, and rubber as you will be going nowhere ie: dead end.

It's Going to Cost You

Now while you can choose a number of free options, you will actually be quite limited as far as the functions that you can use on your blog. The reality of blogging is that you need to get a custom domain name and hosting which is going to end up costing your money. You need to be prepared to invest if you want a chance to become a successful blogger. You have to think of this as a business, however, if you have a poor concept and no way to monetize your site once you start getting traffic, then you are doomed. This is a business and as such does require investment unless you have the skill of all trades, then you will have to outsource at some point; There is no free lunch.

Select Your Niche and Create Interesting Content

You need to select a niche that you not only are going to enjoy writing about but a niche that hopefully a lot of people are going to be interested in reading. You want to select your niche carefully. Additionally, you need to always remember that you need to create interesting content that will entertain and help the people that are reading it. As state earlier, research is going to be a key factor to success, among many other factors, as research is just another piece of the puzzle. No matter what niche you get into, then make sure everything you do is high quality, so do not hire $5 writers that cant not even correctly spell content marketing, if you hire the wrong people, then you may as well not setup any type of online business, because it is going to take some time for you to get your business off the ground to begin with, and if you can not do things yourself, then you need to outsource to the best designers, link building, and content writers, otherwise, your online business may not go that far.

SEO Can't Hurt

Knowing the basics of search engine optimization will be really helpful to you if you want to be a successful blogger. It will aid you in bringing organic traffic to your blog so your reader base will grow, and this will not happen overnight and could take many, many months for SEO to kick in; Whenever you do link building, always make sure you are getting the highest quality backlinks and google always wants to see link diversity; Thinking about going to Fiverr to pick up your next low quality backlink? Then you just as may go close your business now. If you can not tell the difference between a high quality and low-quality backlink, then you better to learning.

Blogging can be a very lucrative pursuit as long as you are willing to put a lot of work into the blogging process.


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I did not start a blog in a hope to make a lot of money. I have a job and I earn a decent amount from my job. I stared a blog because I was working online and I wanted to create something substantial, something that I can be proud of. My blog is do it yourself kind of blog. In other words, I have done everything myself from setting up wordpress to building contents, search engine optimization, and social media marketing


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You are very right. I am a multi niche blogger. Whatever I pick interest in, I post it. That is why I am able to post all the stuff I have on my personal blog. Best of it, at least one niche fails and the other picks. I am sure deal or traffic which is part of what I need.


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Choosing a niche and registering a domain with a keyword on that niche is very important. You might be thinking to blog on multiple niches, yet, you will have to find a word that describe your blog and use it on your domain name. This will increase search value of your website. Second important point is learn SEO before you start a blog.