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The other day, we received a support ticket asking where our freelance site was, and that would be a valid question, however, why invest a lot more money into a project when the site does not have the traffic to support such a project. Since we feel that we have very strong branding, then we will roll things out when it would be appropriate to do so as we have many plans that include the freelance section, blog, forum, and some other things that I think would interest our visitors.

Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute? no? Why would we do any such thing? We have been doing some research lately, and have run across some pretty popular freelance forums, in one case, this one forum had almost 500k posts, which is great, however, their site has become unglued, what is the point in having a freelance forum unless you have plans on having a freelance marketplace? It would be like eating a tuna sandwich without any mayo, does that make any sense?

Forums are very difficult to even get off the ground, even more so if the planned forum has no real foundation that would support the forum in keeping it an active community of those that have similar interests, and that would include, buyers and sellers alike. If we did not have a foundation planned other then this forum, then there would be no real reason to set up a freelance forum just talking about freelance workers that just end up doing the real business off-site, right?

Digital Global℠ is a strong brand, and we want to be a brand that you can count on the future, however, if you are more comfortable on other freelance forums that have 500k posts that have no other plans for the future, then that is great, why? If it makes you happy being over there, then we are absolutely fine with your decision, but if you are looking for a brighter future that has quite a few plans, then come join us. It is just not possible to roll out the next major step with no incoming traffic as of yet as this is just not our decision, it would also be the decision on what you want to see in a freelance site that you may not have found in others.

Want to see a new freelance marketplace? Then let's see 100k forum posts, then maybe we can bring this discussion to the table, in the meantime, feel free to bring your ideas to the table, because we are not done; We are just starting, and still, have more forum ideas to bring to light. We recently set up a method so forum members can get paid for their posts, and it more of a thank-you gesture then anything else, as we will also appreciate those that contribute to our forum success by providing high-quality content, however, people think content is king, but is only half true, and is another story for another day.

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