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[ DG ] Why DG Guidelines so strict?

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We have seen some posts on other forums saying our guidelines and rules are too strict, really?

Have you signed up for our forum?
Have you contributed to our forum?
How many posts have you made?
Have you contacted @DGStaff with your concerns?
Have you contacted support with your concerns?

If you have not taken any action, then how can our guidelines be too strict?

Do you pay taxes? (based on guidelines and rules)
Do you act disorderly in public? (guidelines and rules)
Did you get a DUI for not following guidelines and rules?

I am sorry to say, but life is composed of nothing but guidelines and rules, and these are not in place to make life easy for yourself. We have guidelines and rules just like any other entity would have. Should we allow spammers and trolls to overrun the forum, thus turning the forum into complete trash?

Instead of complaining about guidelines and rules, why not signup, and contribute to our forum, then just maybe you can have a voice to change what do you not like, as long as our guidelines and rules benefit all of our members, then we do not have a problem with working with our members so we can better our forum.

If you have any particular concerns, then contact support:


Your first step is taking action...