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Why do I see more search spiders?


I am not sure if anyone else noticed, but it seems like the spiders that are on our site has increased. When I was online earlier, I saw as many as 50 spiders crawling the forum, of course, a couple things could be going on here, DG forum could be coming out of the google sandbox effect, and that simply means that Google is slowly releasing its grip on a new site, as our site ages more, then we will see increased spiders, increase ranking, and so on, and this is what happens when you set up a brand new site, what? right, nothing. Google has seen it all, and they want to be able to trust your site before giving you more, so when you post articles for the first time, then this is why you see nothing happen fast, because Google is not fast, as Google wants your site to earn its rank, and Google wants to make sure your site is not violating Google guidelines, and Google may sit on you for the first 6-9 months of a brand new site.

As our site is coming of age, and earning more trust from Google, now we need more quality members that actually care about our brand, as these two-three line posts are not considered quality content, no matter how you look at it, sure we have a few members that know how to create a quality post or review, however, it never hurts to have a few more members that know what they are doing, and know how to add and engage in conversation.

and as our forum moves forward, we need those that know how to write, because a good solid post will rank, however, those 2-3 line threads may end up at the bottom of the pond, some may float while most of them will just sink to the bottom google index into oblivion, and if we want any of our posts and threads to index, then we need to provide Google with what they want, and that is high-value quality content. In a week or two @DigitalGlobal will write an article and post it for everyone to see "how to post high-quality content" hopefully this can be used as an aide that will help our forum members become even better, as low-quality content will not help any site, and we want our forum members to create the best content that can be created so we can achieve success.