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Why Football is the #1 Sports?


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I don't feel there are any doubts and Football is considered as the most popular sports in all around the world. There can be many reasons for that and I will try to share few basic reasons which helps in making it the most popular one. People from all age groups love following this great and competitive game.

Previous world cup showed why Football is best as it has wide coverage and maximum people witnessed the World cup live from the stadium and from Television as well.

Reasons why its most popular are as follows:

1. It takes lesser time than cricket or other sports, so most like to witness the game.
2. Matches being shorter in length can be arranged in the evening time so most can watch it after attending their work.
3. NO Affect of Rain or weather on the matches.
4. Football is cheaper to buy and this helps the kids and even teens to play it and get better at it.

Thanks for reading.