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[Alert] Why was my post deleted?

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It stands to reason that posts will be deleted or removed from view for several reasons. When you signed up to our forum, did you read our guidelines, rules, terms? Or do you think forum guidelines and rules do not apply to you? If we did not have forum guidelines in place, then the forum would turn into chaos very quickly. We want our visitors to visit a friendly forum that can provide lots of value, and if we had constant chaos on the forum, then people would simply find other sites to commit their time, and many popular forums have died, why? lack of management, and why would we want that to happen for our site?

Your forum post was deleted because:

  • Your post was poorly written, using English grammar.
  • Your post was low in quality. ie: no value.
  • You were caught spamming on the forum.
  • You were caught scamming other members.
  • You were caught dropping links of no value to other members.
  • You were caught using excessive foul language.
  • You were caught flaming other members.
  • You were caught posting duplicate content.

If you were looking for the above qualities in our forum then you were highly mistaken, and if this is the case, then maybe you should consider setting up your own forum, and invite all the wrong members to join, as these are not the type of members we are looking for. Digital Global is looking for high quality and loyal members that can contribute to our community as a whole, and we are looking for those members that can help other members, maybe you have a level of knowledge that our other forum members may not have. We do not claim to know everything about everything, however, we will help you in every way possible, but first, you must help yourself. If you have arrived on our forum to make money, then you must first help yourself, as it does take hard work and a level of dedicated commitment in order to make money online, and if you have what it takes in order to keep up with us, then we welcome you aboard.

Here are some links you may find useful:℠-terms-of-service.45/℠-privacy-policy.44/

Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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When a member offers a poor and low-quality post or content, he is killing the forum rather than helping it, so it's certainly right in all ramifications in having such posts deleted and if possible warn the said poster to improve on his posting as well as use of language.

NB: Offer high quality post and stay safe.
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