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I am going to really repeat what is already out there, if you want to read the story about the youtube shooting, then simply do a google search, and you will find this story on numerous news sites, however, I am somewhat curious about why it happened, some stay it has something to do with youtube coming down hard on the smaller videos creators that use youtube to make money, really, so the shooter was living in her car because she made so much money through her youtube channel?

When people go out and set up their own business model around site likes Amazon, youtube, Adsense, then do they not understand that these are not real business models? Anytime you set up something on these mentioned sites, then you are doing nothing but boosting their popularity, it may be your content that you are promoting, but overall, it is not your business, and these giant sites have total control over your life if you rely on their 100%. it is great that you can create videos then post them on youtube; It is awesome if you figured out a way to make money on youtube as a result of your video creation, however, it is a business model you can rely on as these compaines and terminate your account, even if the rule violation is minor, and youtube can terminate your account or keep you from earning if youtube shifts the direction that they are going in, and so it seems when youtube started going in another direction, then some Youtube creators got the shaft.

We do not condone any type of mass shooting, and it certainly can not be excused if youtube affected her so called "business" or youtube channel, however, I am writing this based on what I am reading, and those could be real facts or her reasons for shooting up youtube could be rumors put out by Youtuber's because they felt like they have been left behind, and one thing is true; Youtube has changed their business model, and has become much harder for video creators to make any money on youtube, which I think is a bad idea, why? Youtube is still using videos to make ad revenue, right? However, I do not know what their legit reasons are for making money on your video creations efforts, then giving you the pink slip, is this greed? Maybe Youtube wants to share less, if they share less, then youtube will make money, right?

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