Geetas Guide to Moving On 1 1
Geetas Guide to Moving On 1 1

Everybody needs a refuge, sometimes just in the heart. In “Geeta’s Guide to Moving On,” Geeta’s fiancé breaks up with her on the day of their engagement, and she desperately tries to seek refuge in her family, her best friend Akua, and the divorce dialogue group.

What happens after break up? The can’t-get-on-with-life, unhinged feeling after the end of a relationship is an all-too-familiar scenario. Will Geeta Gidwani be able to pick up the pieces and move on?

The lovely Geeta Gidwani, played by the show’s writer-creator-director-actress Puja Mohindra, is a believer.

She is a believer in her Indian classical hip-hop dance fusion style which never manifests in a single rehearsal. She is a believer in happily-ever-after, and she is a true and passionate believer in the comfort of being in her decade-long relationship with Dani.

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‘Geeta’s Guide to Moving On’ Has a Few Great Tips

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