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NEW Guest Post Guidelines:

I have removed our old guidelines for writing guest posts, why?

Because If you are a Legit Blogger or Genuine content writer, then you already know what the rules of writing and submitting high-quality content are, right?

Digital Global JV℠ Blog is/will/not:

Your babysitter
Your mother
Clean up your mess
Reject low quality content, period!
Respond too “What Topics do you accept?”

Before submitting or writing your guest post for review, then take the time to look at some articles on our blog, and do some research about guest posting in general. We should not have to tell you what the rules or standards are when it comes to guest posting as you should already know….

Digital Global JV℠ is a blogging platform that caters to most topics and niches. If you do not know what it takes to Educate, Inform, Engage, and Inspire our visitors, well, we can not help you become a better writer, and we can not help you write content that will inspire others…

Writing is a skill that has to be mastered, unless, you are just gifted! Everyone wants to be a movie star-Singer, however, most people on the planet can not carry a tune, and will never be on TV!

Ask yourself, Why am I really here? If you respond by saying, I am here to enrich myself through my own selfish goals of personal enrichment, well, guest blogging is not for you, however, if you responded by saying, I am here to enrich others with my endless knowledge… If this is the case, then you will have a higher chance of becoming a successful blogger.

Low Quality Article Example (I left this up on purpose)

Be honest with yourself! If you cannot help others, then you can not help yourself….

At the end of the day, I have a 9-5 job (Just over broke) like everyone else does, but if you can not inspire me to the point that I want to share your content with my visitors, then I wont.

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