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Are you looking for a blog to submit your high-quality articles?

We will only accept high-quality, well-written articles! We will accept most categories, topics, and niches, however, there are always some topics we can not allow on our blog. Just write a nice blog post, and you will be fine.

Blog Guidelines:

  • Your blog post must be 600 or more words.
  • Your guest post must be unique.
  • Your post must be well written (for humans)
  • Your post must include sub-titles
  • Submit featured image
  • Submit 1-2 images throughout your content.
  • Submit a Youtube video (optional)
  • Use branding keywords

One-Time Guest Posts (no fee)

We do not charge a fee for your high-quality one-time guest post submission, even though we prefer articles that relate to shopping, however, we will accept most guest posts; we do reserve the right not to publish certain articles or articles that appear to be low quality in nature.

If you are a bulk guest post blogger, then we do charge a fee! (contact support)

Once we approve and post your article; We highly suggest that you send up to 5 high-quality backlinks to your article, why? Because this will help your article rank, however, most bloggers do not do this, then wonder why they are not ranking. HQ backlinks will help your article rank higher in all search engines.

If your article is related to our niche ie: Shopping, then we may help by sending links to your article; Most guest posting sites will never do this because they rely on posting fees, and almost never market & promote their blog.

One of our high-quality posts:
40 ways to make money guest blogging

Submit My Story: (Free Submission)

Do you have a story to write? Maybe you want to offer your advice & tips to those that may be interested in what you have to say? Maybe you would like to submit your press release? If you have advice or some type of story you want to publish and you have the ability to write 300+ words, then you can submit your story for free!

We do not feel that it would be right to charge anyone if they are offering their advice or story to our community, more so if this helps out visitors find what they are looking for, and if they do, then they will certainly return in the future.

Check out our about page!

PS. I never intended to set up Digital Global Blog to make any money, and with that said, I still may not make any money, however, I thought was so easy to remember, then I can announce my eCommerce projects. Even if you could not remember any of those domains, then you will always remember DigitalGlobal, and if you think I am wrong, then just let me know.

When writing advice or a short story, please keep in mind that self-promotion will be limited by no-follow backlinks, and you are free to link to existing DG posts, and you may link to appropriate sites that may be considered high-authority ie: wiki

Sorry, junk articles/content, and spam will never be approved!

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