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UPDATE: 5/27/2020

DA: 20
PA: 32
TF: 18

Guest Post Guidelines:

Digital Global JV℠ is a blogging platform that caters to most topics and niches. We are only looking for high-quality articles that will Educate, Inform, Engage, and Inspire our visitors; We will not compromise on the quality of articles we post.

If you wish to post on our blog, then you will need to contact a guest blog publisher which will contact us in order to negotiate what your publishing rate will be. If you accept their rate, then your blog publisher will write and submit your article.

  • High-Quality 1000+ word article
  • Articles must be unique, not published elsewhere
  • Articles must include h2/h3 subtitles
  • Articles must be informational, not promotional
  • Articles must be properly formatted ie: Bullet points, numbers, bold, etc.
  • Submit 2 high-quality images along with youtube link (optional)
  • Strict Anchor Text Policy

If your category is not shown, then you may suggest one.

Only Guest Post Publishers may contact support.

If you are a new publisher, then please send the following:

  • Your Real Full Name
  • Email
  • selling platforms you use
  • Your last 5 live articles (links)
  • Author/Bio 2-3 sentences

We do not accept the following niches or topics:

  • Adult/Porn
  • Gambling
  • Hate/Race
  • Politics/Legal
  • Weapons, Ammo, etc.
  • promotion of immoral activities
  • promotion of anything illegal

Should I send backlinks to my article?

Yes! We highly recommend that you send 1-5 high-quality backlinks to your article as this will help index your article quickly, and increase your rank rapidly! If your article is very good, then it may attract natural backlinks over time.

Should I use money keywords in anchor text?

Even though keywords are still useful to some degree; Google has evolved! Google uses its advanced algorithm that consists of 200+ factors to rank content! Using money-keywords is just another small factor of the ranking puzzle. Google has gotten really smart, if your article was written correctly, then Google will rank accordingly.

Short Answer: No, you do not need to use money-keywords in your anchor text, in fact, Google will love you more if your anchor profile has more diversity! When it comes to Google and anchor text, less is better, and more will be harmful to your site.

How many keywords should I use in the article?

We highly suggest using no more than 5 keywords per article.

  • keyword in the main title
  • keyword in h2 title
  • keyword in the first 100 words of the article
  • keyword in the last paragraph

There is no right or wrong way to optimize your content, however, over-optimizing your content by littering your keywords all over your article is a very bad idea.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that internal linking is just as powerful as getting powerful backlinks? This is because if a site has good internal linking, then link juice will flow through-out the site, thus increasing rank on other pages. As link juice comes to your site, then it will spread from one page to another until it runs into a dead-end ie Orphan pages.

Have you cracked the google code?

Absolutely! We just give google what they want!

  • High-Quality Content
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • Brand-Diversity Anchor Text

If you would like to see your content rank higher, then it is very imperative for blog writers to follow google guidelines, and if sites do not follow these rules, then articles may not rank as high as they would like, worse, de-indexed or banned from search.

Do you accept press releases, news articles, etc?

Please make sure your press release or news piece is formatted correctly, and we will post free of charge; Keep in mind that all links will be marked as no-follow as seen on other media sites. Even news related articles must follow our quality guidelines. Since this is a free service, then you will be required to furnish all images/photos, etc.

We reserve the right to review, publish, or even reject content. We do not guarantee that you will receive any type of financial benefits as a result of your posts.

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