How to Make Substantial Money on Instagram!

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Make Money On Instagram

Posting pictures on Instagram is a fun past time. Most people have heard that people are making money just by posting pictures on Instagram. You may be a little curious as to how you can make money on this visual platform. Just like YouTubers and Bloggers, Instagram can be a powerful, influential tool for companies.

Instagram can reach an audience that cannot be reached on other social media websites. How can you become an Instagram Influencer? Here are some tips:

How many followers should you have?

How many followers you have should not be the main focus. The way your audience engages with your pictures does matter. You can have 100,000 Instagram followers or even 1,000 Instagram followers and still make money.

The best way to figure out how many followers you need is to do research on your niche. If you are into fashion, it may be easier to connect with your followers because that is a popular topic.

When you explore different channels of revenue, you can determine the right number of followers that you need. Once you determine how many followers you need, you can start building your platform and then you can begin to make money. There are a few ways that you can make money on Instagram:

Write Sponsored Posts

The best way to become an influencer on Instagram is to do sponsored posts. An influencer is simply a person with a well-known social media platform.

They have built themselves a reputation online by sharing awesome products or services. It is hard for a company to compete with other businesses in their industry, so they turn to influencers to promote their products.

Companies usually reach out to you if you have a big following, but there are ways that you can find companies on your own. You can sell a shout out to your target audience, list yourself on the Grapevine Marketplace, or connect your different social media profiles together. Reaching out to companies is the fastest way to get paid on Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an Affiliate is not just about promoting a product. You get paid by making sales for the company. A trackable link is created for your followers, so when they purchase the product or service, you receive a commission. The best way to talk about an affiliate product is Instagram stories because they allow you to post links within your story.

You can reach out to different online marketplaces, or check out the following affiliate marketing companies:

Amazon’s Affiliate Program
Fashion Affiliate Programs

Remember to not be disappointed if they turn your offer down. It is important to establish a following before you begin to reach out to companies.

Promote Your Product

When you first hear about making money as an influencer, you think of sponsored posts. You can also make money by selling your products or services.

If you have an E-commerce store, you can post photos of your products on your Instagram. You can use a print on demand service such as Zazzle to make your own t-shirts, mugs, and other products. Remember to not come off as someone who always wants to sell a product. Post different types of pictures on your Instagram to create a balance of sponsored posts and normal photos.

Instagram can be a fun and easy way to make money as an influencer. It is essential to interact with your followers and reply to comments. You want to let your followers know that their input is important to you. It may take some time to grow a following on Instagram. Remember that patience and persistence will make you a lot of money on Instagram in the long-run.

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