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Whether you’re looking to set up an online business or you just have a pile of clothes you’re hoping to turn for a profit, learning how to sell your stuff online can be a valuable and lucrative skill. Using eBay, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, you can sell just about anything, with a few notable exceptions.

Business Insider spoke to experts and online sellers about some of the best tricks for selling items on eBay.

Clear, high-quality pictures are extremely important

When photographing the items you’ll sell, take shots from multiple angles.Reuters/Jason Lee Buyers can’t touch the item that you’re selling, so they rely on images to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase. It’s incredibly important to make sure shoppers have as much information about your product as possible and high-quality photos are one of the best ways to differentiate your item’s listing from similar ones.

“To maximize visual appeal, include multiple photos of the item from different angles. [Take photos] in good lighting with a plain background. For example, photograph clothing on a hanger, dress form, or mannequin. For shoes, photograph them from the top, sides, and bottom of soles,” Sam Bright, vice president of merchandising at eBay North America, told Business Insider.

If the item is pre-owned, include photos of any flaws or scuffs that you have described in the listing. Editing photos to brighten them or remove shadows is okay, but make sure the finished images that you post are accurate representations of the item you are selling.

Make sure you’re using the best type of listing for each item you sell

Determining the best way to list an item will help you to increase your chances of making the most money from a sale. Bright said you should sell your items at a fixed price using the “Buy It Now” feature when you know the market value of your item. This can be an efficient way to make a sale because many shoppers won’t track an auction for something they can instantly buy from another vendor.

However, he said rare or special items without a defined market value are good candidates for auction-style listings where demand can drive up the price. Users can also utilize eBay’s pricing recommendation feature to better figure out how to list their item and what to sell it for.

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How to sell items and make money on eBay
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