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Our blog articles offer unique style perspectives and interviews from the titans of the industry. Go ahead and get your fill of Anna Wintour’s advice on how to dress for an interview.  Should you go with a pinstriped suit or a dress? If you have tough fashion decisions like that to make, our blog can help you!

Not to worry, we do have the latest on fashion-related accessories too. Our contributors have got you covered on the latest makeup releases and what’s actually worth splurging on. Fashion blogs can get too promotional sometimes. We try to keep things informative, rather than promotional, for the best interests of the consumer.

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lou and grey shopping 278160 1551803906580 product.850x967uc

This Brand Stocks Cool Clothes, And Supports Causes That Matter

When we’re looking to build out the casual section of our closets, we almost always hit up fashion-favorite brand Lou & Grey. The line...
michelle obama post white house style 278054 1551479690493 main.1200x900uc

6 Trends Michelle Obama Never Would Have Worn in the White House

Free of the constraints of her weighty former role, it seems like Michelle Obama is having more fun with fashion than ever—and we're more than...
best sneakers spring 2019 278127 1551734198207 main.1200x900uc

What Sneakers Are Worth Buying This Season.

While there’s certainly a time and place for our chic mock-croc boots and sleek strappy sandals, there is something inherently cool about slipping on a...
how to wear tonal colors 278055 1551457146244 main.800x0uc

How to Master Tonal Dressing Like You Know What You’re Doing

What is the easiest way to look polished and pulled together this season? Just one scroll through your favorite fashion muses on Instagram, and...
ann taylor work clothes 278139 1551743183598 product.850x967uc

This Fashion-Favorite Mall Brand Has A+ Work Wardrobe Essentials

There are certain stores that just get it—and Ann Taylor is one of them. Located in most major malls across the country (and available to...
unique engagement ring trends 249335 1551732336559 main.1200x900uc

Brides Are Opting for These Unique Engagement Rings

Shop NOW!The options can seem endless when it comes to engagement ring designs, making it near impossible to choose a style...
anna wintour job interview outfit 278128 1551728866867 main.1200x900uc

Anna Wintour Reveals What You Should Never Wear to a Job Interview

Shop NOW!Choosing what to wear for a job interview can be a daunting task—especially if you happen to be interviewing with...
glossier play 278063 1551451339451 main.800x0uc

Glossier Just Launched a New Makeup Brand!

Just over a week ago, Glossier took to Instagram to drop the mysterious news that it would be launching a new brand in March 2019....
puff sleeve sweetheart dresses 278027 1551392729438 main.1200x900uc

Pretty Dress Trend That’s Stalking Me

Shop NowDoes anyone else keep a secret Pinterest board where you pin items you might want to buy? Unless it's a...
drew barrymore style 278021 1551381326516 main.1200x900uc

Drew Barrymore’s Outfits in 2019

It's been two decades since 1999's Never Been Kissed was released, but don't let that fool you into thinking we had completely forgotten about Drew Barrymore's style in...
french denim style 278118 1551717298003 product.1200x1365uc

7 Things French Girls Always Wear With Jeans

While we continually look to French women for many things, it's their consistent sartorial uniform that inspires us the most. That's not to say French girls...
woman 3219507 640

6 Trends All the Stylish Girls Are Wearing in Paris

With shows like Jacquemus and Dior already unfolding during Paris Fashion Week, fashion’s biggest editors and influencers have been descending upon the city to...
how to choose a wedding band 277193 1549661113767 main.1194x1194uc

4 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

While we tend to put most of our focus into searching for the perfect engagement ring, choosing the perfect wedding band to accompany it with...
best nail salons in los angeles 278072 1551472273565 image.1296x864uc

The Only 6 L.A. Nail Salons Fashion Girls Love

L.A. fashion girls love their nails as much as they love their sneakers, skinny jeans, and teddy coats. After all, manicures and nail art (when...
fashion sneakers 277635 1551393970658 main.2400x1686uc

3 Spring Sneaker Outfits I’m Currently Drooling Over

I've lived in Los Angeles long enough to have observed that there are only three things people will wait in a really, really long line...
luxury lingerie brands 277152 1549605438692 main.952x1196uc

9 Luxury Lingerie Brands That Are Always Worth the Investment

Of all the ways you can show yourself some extra love, nothing feels quite as good as buying yourself some pretty underpinnings. After all, there’s...
jennifer lopez t shirt brand 277944 1551226633748 main.1200x900uc

The Secret Place Jennifer Lopez Buys Her Affordable Fashion

Jennifer Lopez wears couture dresses, Birkin bags, and $950 sneakers with ease, but her wardrobe is far from exclusively designer. We've already highlighted one of...
tips for selling on ebay 277778 1550881783188 main.1200x900uc

6 Genius Tips for Making the Most Money Selling on eBay

Whether you're inspired by Marie Kondo's tidying up mentality or you just want to make some extra cash, using resale sites and apps is basically...

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