A YouTube spokesperson said more creators are making a living on its platform than ever before.

Over the last year, channels earning five figures annually grew more than 50 percent, while channels earning six figures a year went up more than 40 percent.

According to Forbes, the top YouTube earners in 2018 hit the 20 million mark or higher.

Ryan Toysreview, where a boy opens up toys on camera, raked in $22 million. Internet entertainer, Jake Paul, brought in $21.5 million and Dude Perfect, a crew doing trick shots, made $20 million.

The End family, in southeast Wisconsin, cracked the code when it comes to being successful on YouTube. The kids in the family, ranging in ages three to 18, do trick shots like dice stacking and bottle flipping. They’ve been making videos and posting them for several years.

Their channel called, “ That’s Amazing ,” has more than a million subscribers.

The family didn’t want to give specifics on how much money they’ve made. For them, it’s been more about doing something you love and having fun.

“I honestly don’t really look at how much money we make per day,” said 18-year-old Tommy End.

“This money has been a blessing and it’s going to be a big part of paying their college tuition,” said their father, Jim End.

Brady Clegg, YouTube’s Partner Monetization Manager explains that to make a living off YouTube, it’s much more than uploading a viral video.

“You have to have 4,000 watch hours in the past year, and then 1,000 subscribers,” said Clegg.

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Making money on YouTube

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