Bryce Harper is already making money for the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phils are nowhere near recouping the $330 million Harper signed for but they are off to a good start.

Since Harper inked his 13-year deal, opening day at Citizens Bank is a sellout and the Phillies have sold about 220,000 total tickets. Adding parking and concessions that translates to about $10 million in revenue, as reported by Corey Seidman at NBCSports.com/Philadelphia.

That will pay Harper’s salary this year, which is $10 million, as reported by the Associated Press. Of course, that doesn’t cover his $20 million signing bonus. But the Phils are on their way to a successful first season with their new superstar.

In addition, Harper’s No. 3 jersey set a record for sales in the first 24 hours it was available.

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Phillies making big money since signing Bryce Harper

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