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We find often that people write about the things they love! They may write anything from recipes to short stories, why? Because they love they are doing, they love writing about the topics that they have mastered in their life. Some write content for their blog, others may write about what they love writing about.

If you have a story to offer our visitors, then please consider submitting your story through Digital Global Blog, and if there is no category for your story, then we will create one for you. If you have any issues, please contact support.

What can I submit? Anything you can imagine!

  • News
  • Press Releases
  • Short Stories, no adult
  • Guides & How-to articles
  • Food Recipies

We could sit here all day coming up with categories and topics, by now, I think you get the point that we will accept your story, and you are probably looking for a place to submit your high-quality story, and before you know it, people will start reading your story, but getting your story published is your top priority.

My Story Guidelines:

  • Your story must be 300 or less words.
  • Your story must be unique.
  • Your story must be informative.
  • Your story must be properly formatted.
  • Your story must have a featured image.
  • Your story must have 1 image (in-content)
  • Your story may include a youtube/url.

All backlinks will be no-follow.

Once you submit your story, then we will process your story in the order it was received, so, depending on que, it could take 3-30 days to process your story. If your story contains anything such as medical, weight loss, etc, then you must provide a legal disclaimer at the bottom of your story, and you may want to link to our disclaimer page, you know, the one that says this site is for entertainment purposes only, so keep in mind, this is not a medical/legal site, nor can we offer medical or legal advice, and maybe best to avoid writing such articles/content.

We do not charge a fee for you to submit your story, however, if you are looking to submit your guest post, then you need to visit our guest post page, and yes, we do charge a small fee for guest posts as this will help us keep the lights on.

You can not submit your story until you contact support for account setup!

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Disclaimer – by submitting your story, then your story becomes the property of Digital Global Blog. You may not be able to edit/delete your story once you have published your story for review. Check your content before publishing!

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