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What would happen if you had to pay for each character you wrote in an online chat? A social experiment is trying to understand the impact money can have on our online interactions.

Entrepreneur Marc Köhlbrugge has launched Expensive Chat, an online chat platform where every character typed costs 1 cent. Köhlbrugge announced it as “a social experiment to see what happens to a chatroom when it’s not a free-for-all, but every message cost you cold, hard cash.”

The rules are simple: one character costs 1 cent. The more you write, the more you pay. In a way, it’s like the anti-Twitter. And where does all the cash spent on the platform go? To Marc Köhlbrugge, of course.

The experiment is about more than making money. Public chat rooms can quickly turn into a mess of people over sharing. So Köhlbrugge wanted to find out what happens when every character is tallied to a payment. Although he also honeslty confessed to Motherboard that it seemed like an interesting experiment and a “fun way to make some extra money.” Although he only earned about $400 so far.

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