Wapipey Nordic Iron Table Lamp 01
Wapipey Nordic Iron Table Lamp 01

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Add a beautiful glow to your space with the Wapipey Nordic Iron Table Lamp. Made from selected wrought iron material, the light offers a sleek and simple design. Featuring painted gold craftsmanship, the Wapipey Nordic Iron Table Lamp uses multi-layer painting treatment. In addition, the wrought iron base is thick and stable, making it suitable for any surface. With a 110~250V voltage and 0-60 watts of power, the lamp offers high efficiency and high-temperature resistance. In addition, it uses a G9 bulb as a light source. It also comes with a button switch so you can easily turn the lamp on and off. Designed to sparkle from every angle, the Nordic style lamp makes any space look more luxurious.

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Wapipey Nordic Iron Table Lamp sparkles from all angles

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