Why Is Digital Marketing Important In Business?

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One of the more important topics that all business needs to consider is the question, why is digital marketing important in business?

As technology increases, there is little question that everything is quickly becoming digital. This includes the creation and delivery of content and people’s endless appetite to consume it.

We can see this powerful trend exploding as hard copy and/or paper copies of most business and news media are going the way of the dodo bird.

For example, the circulation of newspapers like the New York Times has drastically decreased over the last 10 years and the trend appears to have no end in sight.

The same is true for most paper print media.

Companies, news media sources and almost every type of entrepreneur are beginning to realize that a majority of their content will be consumed via a digital platform and the marketing must be in place to support it:

According to Digital marketer Ashok Dixit:

“Digital marketing has gone from an uncertain bet to serving as the primary platform for most of the organizations. The growth in digital promotion continues to grow by double digits on annual revenue.”

Dixit is not only correct but we can see this event taking place all around us; people are consuming digital content at a much faster and larger rate than ever before.

Professionals are beginning to realize that this is not only a better way to reach people but practically guarantees that their content will be available without additional costs, such as the print press.

Of course, we must first understand what digital marketing is. One of the most commonly accepted explanations is that digital marketing is simply the promotion of products and/or brands utilizing one or more forms of electronic media.

There are many people that believe that almost all other forms of marketing will eventually be replaced entirely by digital promotions.

Certainly, Fortune 500 companies and corporations are behaving in a manner that is conducive with this thinking as they are moving exclusively to online and digital marketing.

For example, here’s a list of 30 top digital companies that of all learned valuable lessons from digital marketing:

What’s interesting to note is that all of these corporations each benefitted from different types of digital marketing and how to use it almost exclusively their business promotions.

Many of these companies also discovered that they don’t need to be the creator of their own content but can allow top trends and industry leaders.

These new methods of marketing are putting an end to old school interruption marketing and allowing businesses to react quickly to their customers. This also allows a business to follow trends that can lead to a lucrative payday and viral promotion of their business almost overnight.

These new methods of promotion are much faster, have practicality and versatility when it is compared to older types of traditional marketing.

Some of the most common forms of digital marketing have now become the mainstay for entrepreneurs:

  • Utilizing websites that are targeted to specific trends.
  • Blogging in order to attract like-minded customers and clients.
  • Advertising online to drive people to both blogs and websites.
  • Viral marketing using platforms like YouTube, Twitter etc.
  • Pay per click advertising via Google Adwords and other similar platforms.
  • E-mail marketing via sophisticated automated platforms, autoresponders and marketing software.
  • Extensive social media marketing on almost all platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)
  • Mobile marketing / SMS reaching millions of people smart devices.

It is important for the entrepreneur to understand that the new media age has not only arrived but if you’re not prepared for it, you’re going to be left in the dust by your competitors.

You’ll need to understand the many important reasons why digital marketing is an extreme benefit and why you should be engaging in it:

  • Extremely cost-effectivetraditional marketing comes with the huge price tag because it requires that you produce paper print copies, and pay for outbound snail mail services, such as producing flyers, printing magazines, etc.

A simple e-mail marketing campaign, for example, could net the typical business thousands of dollars with virtually no cost as opposed to an outbound postcard or mailing via bulk mail which could cost potentially thousands of dollars.

The key is to understand that each advertising channel that you create if you’re using digital marketing will cost virtually nothing and can reach potentially tens of thousands of customers.

  • Content-driven lead generationthe new era of digital marketing allows you to use your content to directly contact customers and do so in a way that allows you to be away from your computer and or business telephone, and in some cases, some businesses online may only answer support via their online support system.

Utilizing digital content and lead generation tools can allow you to also harvest leads 24 hours a day. This is much better than trying to have standard operating hours because most people no longer follow the 9-to-5 principal in their lives.

Customers expect answers almost immediately and if you’re not willing to provide them, they will simply leave your business website or place of operations and go somewhere else.

  • Connecting immediately with customersdigital content is always there and ready to deliver your message to potential customers and clients.

This means that even the laziest individual can have a fully responsive business that automatically sends out additional content and can even close the sale while the entrepreneur is relaxing somewhere else.

This is a very critical aspect of any business that you have the ability to immediately respond to a customer.

  • Presell any potential customer before you even speak to themgone are the days of cold calling because of your digital content, testimonials, happy customers singing your praises etc. can presell any customer who is looking over your content.

In the past, sales were difficult to do unless a salesman was present to further provide incentives and reason as to why someone should commit to a purchase.

Now with videos, demos, digital content and a combination of social media, it is quite possible to create ‘sales machines’ that are 100% automated and allow you to close sales without ever even meeting your customer.

  • Delivering exactly what a customer wantsnew types of CRM’s and marketing tools allow you to track all of your customer’s behaviors and record them. Over time this allows you to build highly customizable customer experiences that are deeply satisfying and rewarding.

Remember that your customer can experience everything from your websites, immediate delivery of information via autoresponders will prompt to make a purchase using e-commerce sites, and guaranteed satisfaction to the proper customer tuned funnel.

This simply wasn’t possible 20 years ago but now has become an expectation that most customers will experience when they do business with you.

You can also track everything a customer does and make adjustments and modifications to ensure that such positive experiences continue to take place and that your customers remain satisfied when they do business with you.

  • Catering to mobile customersthere are literally hundreds of more mobile devices for every desktop and/or laptop. Catering to mobile customers is extremely important because a majority of people will do searches on their phone before they decide to commit to a product or service.

Since most people carry their cell phones with them everywhere they go, it only makes sense to offer mobile versions of your content that can provide information and sales opportunities for products and services.

At the very least you should be able to convince mobile customers or presell them on your concepts before they are sent to your sales/pitch pages.

Remember people often will devote endless hours to searches and looking for additional content, so catering to the mobile customer is absolutely critical in today’s market.

  • Tracking your customer’s journey through your marketing funnelsalthough this has been mentioned a few times it needs to be its own focus point because this process alone can tell you volumes about what your customer does, thanks, likes and dislikes about your business.

There are powerful analytical tools (i.e. Google Analytics) that can give you detailed snapshots of how your customers behave in your marketing channels.

This can also help you to build different types of personas that will give you a true insight as to the reasons why your customers are there, how they will behave and how many of these personas are necessary to observe before you tweak more conversions.

Keep in mind that you should also utilize the data that you receive to both tweak and fine-tune your marketing funnels and/or channels to maximize profitability.

This type of information simply is not readily available in real time if you’re still stuck using archaic marketing.

  • Increase conversions and backend salesanother fabulous reason for digital marketing is that it allows you to build additional backend marketing channels so that you can make even more money from paying clients and/or customers.

This can be done by redirecting outbound non-converting traffic, capturing and/or re-pitching older customers and clients for your services as well as creating new segmentations from your marketing channels. All of this is possible when you utilize digital marketing over traditional marketing.

You should also be able to utilize daily statistics to gradually tweak and increase performance and sales.

  • Supercharging social media and encouraging more clients and customersthere is little doubt that social media has had a huge impact on business and its ability to grow its brand.

Is relatively easy to reach tens of thousands of people and if you have a decent product or service, others will be glad to sing your praises on social media.

You can also monitor products and services and inform customers and clients when new versions of those products are available.

Social media is a wonderful tool if you have a product or service that satisfies and delivers what really promises. This is particularly powerful if you use industry leaders and convince them as to the benefits of what you can provide.

  • Extended reach for pennies on the dollarobviously one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that you can reach potentially hundreds of thousands of people for the same price it would’ve cost you to reach just 1,000 a few years ago.

For example, mobile marketing can allow you to reach people directly for just a few cents per person.

Marketers’ years ago would often comment that if they could directly reach people for a dollar per person, they can make almost any business work.

Gone are the days of old-school mail-order marketing and now we can clearly see that digital marketing can reach huge volumes of people very quickly and allow you to test your concepts and ideas almost overnight.

Digital marketing is here to stay. Many of the reasons above should easily have proven to you the importance of involving yourself directly, utilizing digital marketing when it comes to promoting your business.

Not only will you save lots of money, time and energy but you will be able to promote your business unlike any other time in history.

Now it is possible for a single individual to run with the big dogs and have success after success by utilizing digital platforms that can assist you at doing all the heavy marketing lifting.

Please take the opportunity to strongly consider a variety of different ways that digital marketing can enhance and propel your business into the future.

Now you know why digital marketing is important to your business!

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