Product Reviews are Important for Online Business

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No two words bring both dread and exhilaration to e-commerce ventures than product reviews. Some businesses are obsessed with it, while others still wonder if reviews are worth all the trouble.

When you really think about it, product reviews have always been around. Major products like movies and music made it to the top 10 charts based on critics’ reviews. These days, though, anyone can write a review and post it online.

These reviews are not always benign feedback. In fact, product reviews contribute to a digital marketing strategy more significantly than most businesses think. Reviews contribute to search engine optimization, customer engagement, and many other aspects of driving traffic.

Continue reading to learn more about why product reviews are important for your e-commerce business:

Product Reviews are Major Contributors to SEO

To understand the significance of product reviews, let’s go back to search engine optimization. What are the three most important aspects of SEO? They are:

  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Discoverability

Product reviews contribute to all three in one way or another. Reviews are either generated by customers or professional reviewers. Both groups are considered trustworthy parties, especially the latter. Therefore, when a product posted online has a genuine review, it naturally boosts the legitimacy of the listing.

Product reviews are a great way to boost the credibility and trustworthiness of a brand or product. The internet is cluttered with scams, spam, and fake postings. A real review, thus, indicates the real deal to a search engine algorithm.

Reviews are added over time to a listing so that the page can remain relevant as algorithms demand. Similarly, more reviews mean more discussion surrounding a product, making it more visible to search engine algorithms. It’s easy to see how significantly product reviews contribute to SEO.

Product Reviews Boost Traffic

There’s strong statistical evidence suggesting that product reviews directly contribute to more traffic. That is in both site traffic and foot traffic. Let the numbers do the talking:

  • 92 percent—From potential customers who check a local business online, this number would actually visit a store if there are positive reviews online, according to Invespcro.
  • 90 percent—This is the number of customers who will visit a store, restaurant, or retail outlet after reading online reviews.
  • 31 percent—Almost one-third of all customers who visit a site are more likely to spend time on the site after reading positive reviews.

The mere presence of positive product reviews is enough to attract new customers. As mentioned above, a vast majority of customers are likely to trust a brand or a business if it has reviews online.

Product Reviews Drive Sales

The biggest problems most e-ventures face is not necessarily attracting traffic, but retaining that traffic. Essentially, businesses struggle to convert incoming traffic into paying customers. One factor that can encourage this transformation process is the product review.

A vast majority of online shoppers consult product reviews posted by other customers before making a purchasing decision. People are also more likely to make a purchase if the product has reviews from other customers. It turns out that consumers trust product reviews as much as a personal recommendation, a trust factor that drives sales.

Product reviews not only build trust between businesses and consumers, but they also build trust between consumers and particular products. A number of reviews, with more positives than negatives, is really what a decent product needs to become a bestseller.

The Product Review is a Form of Customer Engagement

Reviews do not just attract potential customers and nudge sales, they are also great for building brand loyalty. When it comes down to it, a product review is essentially a form of customer engagement. Customers pose reviews when they are engaged enough to provide feedback to a business.

Reviews are great for keeping customers coming back to your business. For example, a customer may post an initial review after purchasing a product. Then, some return to edit the comment based on the performance of the product, indicating that they are engaging with the website on a continual basis.

Customer engagement is essential for brand building, boosting search engine rankings, and driving traffic. Product reviews are perfect for doing all three at once. 

It’s Free Feedback

Product reviews don’t provide just a quantitative benefit, the quality of the content matters to businesses too. What’s really in a product review? Valuable information about the performance of the product the business sells.

Companies often spend thousands of dollars doing beta testing or running trials to evaluate how a product performs in the wild. Businesses can largely ditch these costs when there are hundreds of customers posting reviews online.

In addition, customers tend to talk about the shipping and handling of a product in their reviews. This information is crucial to e-commerce ventures. Businesses can use the feedback to improve services and address pain points instead of spending money on surveys.

Getting customers to leave feedback with emailed surveys is difficult and largely ineffective. Product reviews, written for other consumers than the seller, are not as difficult to obtain. This feedback is invaluable for ensuring better quality for products and online services.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, product reviews are powerful tools that influence consumers and nudge them towards making a final purchasing decision. Reviews build trust and credibility between customers and brands. There’s nothing better to enhance the authority of an e-commerce site than a product review.

For these reasons, businesses should invest in generating more product reviews online. Of course, this doesn’t mean they should be fabricated. Genuine reviews are important for building trust as well as for receiving legitimate feedback. Your brand or website can also attract more customers with the presence of reviews.

Product reviews matter to brick-and-mortar stores, perhaps even more so than online businesses. Positive online reviews are more effective at driving traffic than paid advertising, according to multiple marketing studies and surveys.

Now that you are aware of the crucial role product reviews play in improving sales, traffic, and brand credibility, it’s time to get customers to start posting reviews. Invest in a pain-free process that generates reviews to benefit your business in the long run.

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