A short film titled “Meera”, on women’s safety will be released on International Women’s Day on March 8.

Maxwell Entertainment is presenting the Roopesh Rai production, which is about rape and revenge. The 30-minute short is directed by Sunil Pathare and produced by Kapil Pathare.

Sunil said in a statement: “‘Meera’ is a story of a brave woman of our society. The idea of the film is centred around the fundamental truth that women’s safety is not about women alone, which is why we pledged to create a short film that communicates clearly the need to change the mindset of men, regardless of age and status.”

Kapil said: “Until the vision of men doesn’t change, nothing will change. Women should not be treated like an object to men… One should always respect women. When a woman says ‘no’, it means no.”

The cast features Meera Iyer, Kimaya Bhattacharya and Mohan Suryavanshi in key characters.

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Women’s safety short film to release on International Women’s Day

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