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Mar 2019

Unique visitors: 6000+/mo
DA: 21+
PA: 30+
TF: 23+

Contributor Guidelines:

  • Make use of your real name as author.
  • Your content should be formatted properly ie: heading h2, h3, bullet points, etc. If your content is not appealing, then no one will come back and read your content.
  • Content must be detailed and unique.
  • Content must provide high value to our readers.
  • Content must be written in English.
  • Content must have zero grammar errors.
  • Content must have correct sentence structure.
  • Content must not be published elsewhere, now, present, or future.
  • use 1+ high-quality related images.
  • All photos must have an attribute ie: Photo: (by) (site) for instance: Photo: John Smith, Pixabay.com. This is to ensure that all photo authors get credit. You may not use photos unless you have a right to use such photos.
  • 1 high-quality related youtube video.
  • Must Include 1+ authority link that relates to your content.
  • Must Include 1+ internal link to related content.
  • min word count must 600+ words.
  • Digital Global℠ shall own all content rights.
  • Digital Global℠ provides no guarantees of income/results, etc.
  • For Inquires, contact JV@DigitalGlobal.com

We will not accept:

  • Bad concept, or pitch.
  • Over-optimized SEO Content
  • Poor quality content.
  • If the post is not properly formatted.
  • Hate, race, slander or negative content.
  • Immoral or Questionable content.

Digital Global℠ reserves the right to refuse guest posts for any reason, without cause or notification. Digital Global℠ also reserves the right to remove existing guest posts if we should find that they violate our guest post guidelines.


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When submitting content, then you may only use branding keywords when using anchor text. Google is already aware of the keywords you are using in your content, thus using money keywords may hurt your SEO efforts. Google is looking for naturally written content, not spammy looking articles. If you write for our visitors, and not for Google, then you will be fine; Trust us, we know what we are talking about.

Once your article goes live, no edits will be allowed, period, however, admin reserves the right to make minor edits if something appears out of place.

Once admin accepts your pending article(s), then you will no longer have editorial access to your content, and this is why it is important to make any edits before submission. You can always save your content in a draft, and make changes later if you wish, but once you submit, and admin accepts, then you will no longer be able to edit or even make changes to the content that you submitted as we have to review and keep moving forward.

Are you looking to become our blog contributor? We are not looking for OK writers, we are looking for great writers that can provide excellence, as a contributor, you will be able to post unlimited articles/content; See our guidelines for more info.

Digital Global Support


DigitalGlobal.com is based in the US, and 75% of our traffic is from the US, on a personal note, we are pretty flexible on the type of content that is submitted to our blog, and for a news related blog, we have many categories that are available, and if you are not sure, then please contact us to make sure, however, we will not accept certain types of content that is related to adult, drugs (legal or not), firearms, hate speech, and so on or any other type of content that could be related to immoral, or even questionable activities.

The highest goal for our guest post writers is to write supercharged content that will inspire our readers and visitors so that they will come back for more, so win-win for everyone.

Digital Global Blog is on a VPS that is located in Dallas, TX. Our blog currently loads in just under 3 seconds according to tools.pingdom.com. Our VPS has 2 cores, 4 GB Ram, 100 GB Hard Drive, and 3 TB of bandwidth/data, and if you are not posting, then you are not trying very hard to slow us down, and if you did, then we would just move to a faster VPS.

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